7 Days to Self Meditation Programme

… Each day you will explore different aspects of yourself - for better understanding - better alignment - and better fulfilment in your life.
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”This 7 day programme has given me a better understanding of how to use meditations for self awareness, as well as a better understanding of aspects of myself. Highly recommended!”
Sarah Taylor

”My first introduction to meditations. Easy to follow and very helpful to understand situations in my life.”
Laura Bailey

“I wasn’t a fan of meditations, but Jez makes them so easy to follow, I’ve found them to be extremely helpful in highlighting parts of my life which need focus. I’m now a convert!
David Hill
“The way Jez uses meditation as part of his coaching process has opened my eyes to possibilities I had never even considered. He has a very unique and blended approach which just works!”
Amy Ward

This 7 day meditation programme is a journey to discover and explore different aspects of yourself.

Using meditation is one of the best ways to connect to our true self, which has no restrictions or limitations, but is infinite pure consciousness.

Meditating gives us the peace of being in the ‘now’ – in the present moment – where we can experience a deep relaxation that dissolves fatigue and long-standing stresses and promotes both emotional and physical healing.

With regular practice you can learn to live in harmony with your true spiritual self, resulting in a deeper appreciation of yourself, the people you are connected with, and your place in the universe.

Each day of this programme builds on the last to create a deeper understanding as to why you behave the way you do in certain situations, as well as give you insights into things you want to understand, or answers you are searching for to help you move forwards in life.

    During the 7 days, you will be guided through the following meditations:

    • Day 1 – Connect With Your Grounded Self
      Use this meditation to ground and relax you.
    • Day 2 – Connect With Your Safe Place
      Learn to create your own safe place that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere, whenever you need it.
    • Day 3 – Connect With Your Present Self
      Tune in to exactly what you are feeling in the moment and create a clear and calm emotional state.
    • Day 4 – Connect With Your Inner Child
      Learn to heal the wounds of your past and creating more peace in your life.
    • Day 5 – Connect With Your Heart Centre
      Gain clarity around your purpose and connect with your intuition to find the answers you need.
    • Day 6 – Connect With Your Future Self
      Learn how to solve problems in your life by looking from a different perspective.
    • Day 7 – Connect To Manifest
      Discover how to set the right intention to help you manifest what you want more quickly.

    By The End Of This Meditation Programme…

    You’ll learn how to identify what issues are coming up for you each day and be able to select the most appropriate meditation that will help you resolve it easily and effortlessly from the 7 meditations.

    “Jez has a very soothing voice! I could easily relax and follow his guided meditations.

    I had been looking for the root cause of an issue for a long while and it revealed itself during a meditation half way through the programme. There is no stopping me now!

    Plus I can go back to any meditation as and when I need it! What’s not to like?”

    Elke Hausler – The Natural Painkiller

    Are you ready let go and step into your greatest self?

    Access your meditations now!

    You get lifetime access, so you can then revisit these meditations as often as you like, when you want to gain insight into a specific area of your life.

    Come and discover 7 aspects of yourself that promote emotional and physical healing!

    To your success! 💜

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