6 Steps to Strategic Planning

… Every business needs to plan strategically, but it doesn't have to be complicated!
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”I had never considered creating a strategic plan for my business as I didn’t feel I needed it. The approach is so simple to follow! So glad I did!”
Chloe Cook

”Jez’s simple 6 step approach to strategic planning for small businesses is a great place to start to truly plan where your business is going. Thank you for helping me get clarity for the first time in years!”
James Robinson

”My impression of strategic plans was SWOT analysis and decision matrices. There is no such jargon in this approach. It’s down to earth, easy to understand and a breeze to implement.”
Brian Foster

”I finally overcame my resistance to strategic planning, and I’m so glad I did. Not only do I now have a focus, I’ve already started hitting new targets after only a few weeks!”
Jessica Mason

Having worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 22 years – from corporates to SME’s, to micro businesses – one constant which has always been present when achieving consistent and predictable growth, is Strategic Planning.

Creating a business and/or strategic plan is seen as a chore (rather like doing a tax return unless you like that sort of thing!) and is one of the things most people prefer to avoid. Yet taking the time to plan what you want to achieve in terms of growth and direction for your business is actually key in creating a solid foundation, and the sooner you do it the better your business will be because of it.

Yes, you can focus on tactics – most people do – and it can grow your business to a degree, but if you focus on the other 5 elements as well, you get a clarity of purpose, message and direction which trying random tactics on their own just won’t give you.

It’s a misconception that strategic plans need to be long and complicated and have mission statements and all that malarky, and yes you CAN include all of that stuff if you want to, but there are ONLY 6 simple areas you need to consider to create the basis of a strategic plan which will allow you to focus, plan and grow your business.

This programme is all about strategic planning with those 6 simple steps.

During this programme I will walk you through:

  • Why Strategic Planning is important for ANY business.
    Growing a business can happen organically, but you will get more consistent and predictable results when you plan growth the right way.
  • Each of the 6 Steps in detail.
    Growing a business can happen organically, but you will get more consistent and predictable results when you plan growth the right way.
  • Why understanding each of the Steps is important to your consistent growth,
    There are so many variables (both positive and negative) which can have impact on your business, and planning in the right way helps you see and overcome any issues before they become a problem.
  • How the Steps relate to each other and why you need all 6!
    Each part of your plan is part of a whole process and need each of the other parts to be complete. You will learn how each has an effect on the other parts and why it is important to revisit each part through the process.
“Jez is an amazing coach, and very generous with his time, expertise and knowledge. I have been using his ‘6 Simple Steps to Strategic Planning’ programme to help me with my business. It has helped me so much that I’m now more focused, I have more belief in myself and my business and am much more ready to share what I do with the world! Thankyou Jez.”
Lauren Ephithite

Mental Health Mentor

Are you ready to align your business to your purpose and step up to consistent and predictable growth?

Access your programme now and get started straight away!

You get lifetime access, so you can then revisit each of these steps as often as you like, to enhance and develop your plan as you move forwards!

To your success! 💜

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